Intel, IBM and Cisco team up to fight net neutrality by reclassifying the internet

The biggest names in hardware have teamed up to send an open letter to the US Federal Communications Commission decrying proposals to reclassify the internet as a Title II utility.

The letter is signed by representatives from 60 companies, including big name corporations such as IBM, Cisco, Broadcom, D-Link and Intel, and states that they believe such a move would lead to people being “hurt by the reduced capital spend in broadband networks that would occur if broadband is classified under Title II”.

It goes on to explain that such draconian measures are not necessary to ensure an open internet, before insisting that their claims are “not idle speculation or fear mongering”.

And as some have already warned, Title II is “going to lead to a slowdown, if not a hold, in broadband build out, because if you don’t know that you can recover on your investment, you won’t make it”.

The letter comes as a huge blow to campaigners defending net neutrality, a contingent of which briefly interrupted an FCC hearing earlier this week with a protest against plans to allow internet ‘fast lanes’.

Previously the lines between the two camps were assumed to be the cable industry versus ‘everyone else’, but this letter redraws those lines.

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Source: The Inquire

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