The ‘infosphere’: where philosophy meets technology

Luciano Floridi is an Oxford University academic with an intriguing title: professor of philosophy and ethics of information. He works at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Prof Floridi has just written a book which takes a wide view of the great connectivity disruption of our times.

It is one of an interesting new handful of thoughtful volumes about technology which are a welcome distraction from that torrent of how-to-do-technology business books that have dominated publishers’ output until recently.

Prof Floridi’s book is called “The 4th Revolution: How the Infosphere is Reshaping Human Reality”. It is noteworthy because of the way he widens the high-tech horizon.

He applies big and perhaps timeless thoughts to something that is often merely talked about as baffling change.

Something really important is happening – he says – to who we are and how we relate to each other, and the environment we inhabit.

This sort of profound change does not happen very often. Prof Floridi attempts to put it into a long perspective.

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Source: BBC News

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