IBM will help the development of Chinese IT industry

IBM is preparing to open some of its technology to Chinese companies in a bid to help the country build up its IT industry.

The move is likely to help IBM find more success in a market which is undergoing constant moves in technology regulations.

Reuters news agency reported that IBM CEO Virginia Rometty told an audience at this week’s China Development Forum: “If you’re a country, as China is, of 1.3 billion people you would want an IT industry as well.

“I think some firms find that perhaps frightening. We, though, at IBM…find that to be a great opportunity.”

The comments highlight a new strategy by foreign companies to help penetrate the Chinese technology market. Ever since the Snowden revelations, ties between China and US companies have weakened, with the Beijing encouraging national companies to provide technology equipment such as servers, routers, and telecoms hardware.

In January, Suzhou PowerCore Technology Company and the Research Institute of Jiangsu Industrial Technology announced the two Chinese organisations will join the OpenPOWER Foundation, with Suzhou PowerCore intending to use IBM’s POWER architecture to provide chip design solutions to push server innovation in such areas as Big Data, cloud computing and next generation data centres.

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Source: Techweek Europe

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