Huawei leads the fixed broadband development globally

From the trend of industrial development of optical transport network, there will be a new rigorous development stage in fixed broadband in the next three years. And investments that focused on fixed broadband will become the hotspot and central spot in ICT industry. First, 4K panel prices, 4K content production costs have declined significantly worldwide with the mature industry chain; Based on 4K video-based industrial development will greatly promote the fixed broadband industry development and Huawei sdh equipments, the next generation of highly efficient video coding standard H.265 is nearly perfect. With LTE / 5G deployment, building a high-quality and high-performance LTE bearer network that protect the user’s extreme experience is operators’ important demands currently, which will promote the bearer network construction boom. At the same time, with the development of big data, data center, cloud computing and other innovative technologies, the development of global fixed broadband technologies will be stimulated rapidly.

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Source: Enterprise CIO Forum

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