Fabrizio Cortesi (Huawei): putting broadband on the road

“The other day I had the pleasure of participating as a panel member in the international Connected Vehicles conference held in Brussels. Huawei was an official sponsor of the event, along with BMW, Mini and Ertico, the European network of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services stakeholders.

There were also participants from Renault, Toyota, Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica, automotive technology companies and road infrastructure operators, insurers, the European Commission and national governments, and others. This involvement from different sectors of society and the economy – whether they be users, mobile network operators, technology and vehicle manufacturers, road builders, insurers, or emergency services – will be vital to the cooperative effort of putting broadband on the roads. The emphasis must be on cooperation, getting consumer-focused and infrastructure-related industries to work together; even if, by nature, they work with very different technology life cycles”.

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Source: Euractiv

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