Could Google pose a serious threat to Telecom carriers?

In March 2011, Google chose Kansas City, Kansas as the first recipient of its ultra-fast Internet service – Google Fiber. The handful of users who are lucky enough to have Google Fiber installed get speeds a hundred times faster than normal broadband services. Google claims that the Fiber can fetch up to 1000mbps of speed. This can also be represented as one gigabit per second or a 1000 Mbit/s – which is, to be clear, remarkable.

Google is going through a very slow and managed rollout of its Fiber service. While at the moment it is only in Austin, Texas and Kansas City, there are more cities that will be getting the service in the near future. Apart from the Internet, Google also provides TV services and 1 terabyte of free cloud storage to users who join. People who have Google Fiber installed in their homes are probably the victims of jealousy from other users who are using normal broadband services like Time Warne Cable and Comcast, who have faced intense consumer ire.

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