Fixed broadband tariff comparison by region and technology

xDSL- and FTTx-inclusive tariffs each accounted for approximately 30% of the plans surveyed, while the share of cable-inclusive plans was 18%. Plans with “other” technologies accounted for a very substantial 22%.

Some of the most expensive FTTx-inclusive tariff plans were for the extremely high-speed tiers (1Gbps) now being introduced in multiple markets. We counted more than 50 1Gbps tariff plans globally in 2014, and we expect more gigabit speed tiers and associated high relative premiums to launch in 2015.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes fixed broadband tariff plans and packages across 21 countries
  • Identifies and discusses premiums between FTTx- and xDSL-inclusive broadband tariffs across countries

Key Questions Answered

  • How do fixed broadband tariff plans vary by country and region?
  • What is the technology mix among fixed broadband tariff plans, and how does it vary by region?
  • What are the some of the highest fixed broadband tariff plans on offer?
  • What downstream speeds are available at the highest-priced fixed broadband tiers?
  • What are the premiums being charged for FTTx plans over xDSL?

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Source: Ovum

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