Facebook vs video piracy

A year after it started making a big push into video, Facebook is acknowledging it has a video piracy problem. And it says it’s going to start fixing it.

Facebook is rolling out a “video matching technology” that will let content owners tell Facebook that a video clip belongs to them, and take it down if it’s not supposed to be there.

It’s the first step to creating the equivalent of YouTube’s Content ID system, which the video giant built up over years as a response to its own copyright/piracy problems. After years of ignoring video, Facebook is now a major player, so this kind of effort was obvious and overdue.

“We’ve heard from some of our content partners that third parties too frequently misuse their content on Facebook,” Facebook said in a blog post today. “It’s not fair to those who work hard to create amazing videos. We want creators to get credit for the videos that they own.”

Over the past year Facebook has encouraged users to post and view videos on its own player, and in April it said Facebook users were watching four billion clips a day; industry observers assume the number is much bigger now.

Facebook’s anti-piracy rollout is just starting, and its partners say they have just started testing the new technology, which requires content owners to upload the clips they want to protect into Facebook’s system.

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Source: Recode

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