Europe’s Telecoms call for lighter net neutrality rules

The European Union should not force telecoms operators to treat all the traffic on their networks equally as it crafts rules on “net neutrality”, several industry bodies said.

The reaction comes a week after Latvia, which holds the rotating European presidency, tabled a compromise text on net neutrality, the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally, under which telecoms operators would face strict rules on when they can intervene to manage traffic.

Four industry bodies representing the likes of Vodafone , Alcatel-Lucent, Orange and Liberty Global called on the EU to allow them manage internet traffic to meet the different needs of all consumers.

“It is not technologically efficient or beneficial for consumers if all traffic is treated equally. Nor has this ever been the case,” the letter, seen by Reuters and signed by ETNO, Cable Europe, the GSMA and Make The NetWork, says.

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Source. Reuters

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