European telecoms at a turning point

A few weeks before Juncker’s commission first assembly,  Goran Marby (chair of  BEREC, the European Regulators for Electronic Communications) and Luigi Gambardella (chair of ETNO, the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association and one of the major European telecoms expert) will discuss about telecoms future partecipating on September 23, together with major decision makers  at “View from the top”, an event organized by Punto.it-Key4biz in Rome

The event, promoted by Luigi Gambardella,  forsees the participation of a selected group of Institution, Authority, Unions, Academy and Industry people along with web-talented youngs.

During the meeting it will be discussed, among other topics, the changes of the European Internet and telecommunications legislation, how to encourage investments and the future  challenges that the sector will face with the new Commission and the new German Commissioner for the Digital Agenda.

“Juncker’s intentions for the Telecommunication sector and the digital economy are very clear and express the need of a radical revision of the policies governing the industry today” Luigi Gambardella declares. “It is extremely necessary an ambicious plan that sees investment growth as the primary goal. We must accept this challenge – says Gambardella – and think now, with all the stakeholders in the sector, on what actions need to be put in place to provide Europe with a new virtuous cycle of growth and investment.”

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