European digital single market needs greater effort

More effort is needed to integrate Europe’s digital single market to unlock its growth and job-creating potential, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) stressed in a debate with EU Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier.

     Measures to bring together the 28 national digital markets should include ending mobile roaming charges, promoting e-commerce,  ensuring open access to the internet for users and neutral treatment of its service providers, and also better data protection, they added.

“Over the past five years, significant progress has been made on creating a digital single market, but numerous obstacles still exist,” said Barnier, stressing that only 14 percent of the European Union’s (EU) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) trade online.

Many MEPs shared the view that the digital single market is far from complete. “Member states need to get away from their egocentric focus on their own rules. We need more uniform rules and a level playing field for SMEs in Europe,” said German MEP Andreas Schwab, a member of the center-right EPP.

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Source: Brudirect

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