Europe lags behind Asia in broadband connectivity

International technology research and advisory firm Ovum has announced the launch of the world’s first broadband development index to integrate both fixed and mobile connectivity statistics. The index highlights European struggles in connecting consumers to high speed fixed fibre broadband and LTE mobile broadband.

Norway is currently the only major European country to feature in the top 10 leading global markets. Meanwhile, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan lead the way in terms of high-speed broadband penetration.

The scoring system is based on both fixed and mobile broadband connectivity per nation. Points are awarded for basic broadband connectivity, however higher scores are awarded for connecting people to fibre, VDSL and DOCSIS 3.0 for fixed networks, and LTE networks in mobile.

While Norway is Europe’s only major nation to gain recognition in the top 10, where Andorra also features, Ovum’s index also forecasts scores over the next five years. It is anticipated that Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark will join Norway and Andorra in the top 10 by 2019 as LTE roll-out and connectivity penetrates throughout Europe over the next 60 months.

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Source: Telecoms

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