Does Europe hate US tech companies?

Europe has declared war on U.S. tech companies, but despite this all-out assault,
Europeans themselves still love American tech.
Just consider these events: the European Commission is demanding big changes to
Google’s search algorithms, and if the company doesn’t agree to them, billions of
dollars in fines may follow. Taxi drivers across Europe went on a one-day strike this
summer demanding that Uber be outlawed there — and in response a German court
nearly banned the ride-sharing service. Also this summer, France passed a law
stopping Amazon from offering free shipping in the country. And several years ago a
German state banned the use of companies putting Facebook “Like” buttons on their
pages, for fear of privacy invasions.
The reaction of U.S. tech companies? Publicly they may wring their hands, but in
private they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Because despite what European
governments and Europeans themselves say about U.S. tech companies, they can’t
get enough of U.S. tech –Europeans flock to it.
Why do Europeans hate U.S. tech companies? In large part it’s because of the more
protected working environment in Europe than in the U.S., the stronger role of unions,
Europeans’ strong beliefs about the right of privacy, and a general attitude that the U.S.
is guilty of cultural imperialism, running roughshod over local cultures and economies.

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Source: Computer World

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