EU telecoms regulators examine whether app stores restrict internet access

The regulators are starting to examine whether “the gatekeeper role of app stores” like Google and Apple’s might conflict with the EU’s law guaranteeing net neutrality, Johannes Gungl, the head of the BEREC group, said at a meeting in Brussels.

Europe’s net neutrality legislation came into effect in 2016 and prevents internet service providers from slowing down or providing faster access to certain traffic on their networks.

Gungl said app stores and operating systems that run on devices like mobile phones and computers are “a kind of black spot” for telecoms regulators. While app stores’ control over internet access is still “not too concerning”, Gungl recommended that telecoms regulators should investigate the issue further.

BEREC is currently analysing the effects of the net neutrality law and will submit a report to the European Commission next year that may recommend changes to the way the legislation is applied.



Source: Euractiv.com


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