EU telecoms to grow but reform is needed

The EU Telecoms market has growth in sight, but EU rule reform is needed as broadband subscriptions outnumber fixed lines for the first time.

ETNO, the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association, representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, has presented today its Annual Economic Report, prepared by the digital economy think-tank IDATE.

This year’s figures confirm the trends identified in the past, but they open to growth prospects as from 2016. Overall telecoms services revenues were 4% lower in 2013 than the year before and reached 252,8bn EUR. However,IDATE’s estimate for 2014 is that the decrease of the telecoms service revenues growth will slow down to -1.8%. In parallel, according to their projections, the telecoms industry is expected to return to the positive camp in 2016 (+1%).

The 2014 Report also confirms that the investment gap between Europe and the U.S. is widening: in the period 2012-2013 the overall CAPEX growth in the EU was negative (-0.4%), compared to strong growth in the US (+5.7%). As a reference, this means that the sector, in Europe, invested 46,7bn EUR in 2013.

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Source: NewEurope

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