ETNO and ComRes: Digital consumer survey

Consumers are not fully aware of differences in inconsistencies in protection standards between traditional telecoms and OTTs.

Consumers generally expect less of OTTs compared to traditional services, but safeguards on personal data are a big concern; consumers are also very opposed to companies using their personal data for commercial use Communication services

Consumers consider the non-portability of data and identifiers in OTT communication services a major barrier

Consumers welcome the possibility of more options, such as unbundling of services and equipment, or choice between sharing data or paying fees – though they may not have decided how to act when given new choices

Consumers don’t consider emergency call functionality for OTTs a major issue Outdated rules

Directories are not the main source of contacts for consumers in most countries – physical directories in particular are used by a minority of consumers, but specific country peculiarities

Consumers report payphones have a value in case of emergencies: however, a very small minority actually uses payphones, indicating the possibility of emotional attachment to public payphones with little practical use.

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Source: ETNO

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