Enrico Nardelli

Enrico Nardelli is full professor of Informatics in the University of Roma “Tor Vergata” and President of Informatics Europe, the association representing informatics departments and research laboratories in Europe and neighbouring areas. He is also member of the ACM Europe Council.

Since April 2014, he is coordinating the project “Programma il Futuro” for the introduction of basic concepts of informatics as a scientific subject in Italian schools, with emphasis on primary schools and on computational thinking. Programma il Futuro is a joint project between MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research, and CINI, the Italian national inter-university Consortium for Informatics. Since its inception, the project has led in total around three million italian students (half of them in primary schools) to learn the basic concepts of informatics.

He is currently working in the fields of informatics education and of interdisciplinary approach to information systems. Previously he did research in various fields of Informatics, including algorithms and data structures, databases and geographical information systems, tools and environments for interaction with information systems, cooperative and distributed information systems, bioinformatics.

He is also active in outreach activities aiming at spreading awareness about the importance of informatics education for all.

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