Digital regulation Forum 2017: 28-29 March in London

Digital regulation Forum 2017: Winners and losers
Will the future EU electronic communications code deliver the Gigabit Society?

The Digital Regulation Forum is one of the world’s most influential regulatory Forums of the telecommunications, internet & digital community. It’s a must attend to meet 300+ operator, regulator and investor senior level decision makers and shape the changing regulatory framework. The event is chaired by Luigi Gambardella, Founder of Broadband4Europe. Topics of discussion will include the Trump Presidency and the outlook for Internet and telecom policies in the US and Europe; the proposed EU electronic communications Code; legal separation in UK; 5G deployment plans; level playing field between OTT and telecom players; opportunities and challenges of Brexit for UK and EU in relation to digital communications; national legislative and regulatory regimes on Net Neutrality; social networks in China; EU merger and acquisition control practices; pros and cons of legal separation; and the role of OTTs and content providers.

Source: Digital regulation Forum

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