The digital profit of Mobile Devices

Imagine an ad of HMT Tractor going left to right on your mobile screen as soon as you open a new game recently downloaded. Seems irrelevant, right? But this will be the future.

Google has recently launched ‘affordable’ Android One mobile phones, exclusively in India in the wake of the rising demands of this category. India was the first to get Firefox based mobile phones. Also, there has been a series of mobile launches by global and Indian manufacturers in the 3k to 5k, a.k.a the affordable category.

This sudden eruption of love of affordable devices is thanks to a set of reasons. For one, as the mid-level category (10-15k) nears saturation, the affordable category will be the least exploited. Moreover, this category long dominated by feature phones, generates the maximum sales overall.

However, it is not just the new products that are exciting rather its effect on Indian online marketplace that will send chills down the digital spine. This will soon solve the biggest problems of the industry.

Currently, the problem that we as digital marketers face is that the online media space has limited target audience comprising of the youth of upper, upper middle and lower middle class. Reaching out to the general population is still considered as a game play of conventional media.This is especially true when we talk of products and services that are targeted to the suburban or rural areas. Thus, the media and marketing strategy targeted for such markets ignore digital media completely.

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