Denmark partners with tech companies

The Danish Ministry of Culture announce that it’s organising a campaign to target pirated content on the internet, partnering on a voluntary basis with internet service providers and tech companies, including Google and Microsoft.

The “Code of Conduct to promote lawful behaviour on the internet” names among its five goals the promotion of legal material and reducing “financial crime” connected to copyright infringement. Companies that agree to it would restrict their financial support of copyright infringement, “either by supporting criminal services with money in the form of, for example, exposure, ad revenue or payment services or otherwise to ‘legitimise’ criminal services”.

Google has previously used what’s known as a “follow the money” approach to keep its ads off websites that offer content with infringed copyright.

Denmark‘s push to have companies voluntarily act against piracy could be testing grounds for broader anti-piracy actions on the European level. In the European Commission’s Digital Single Market plans that were presented last week (6 May), the “follow the money” approach is packaged as a way to target piracy without penalising users who may not be aware they’re accessing illegal content.

The “non-legislative actions” described in the plan pave the way towards the approach by preventing commercial scale pirates from making money.

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Source: Euractiv

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