Debate over net neutrality goes on

Debate over net neutrality has raged in the United States for years, but the controversy isn’t just for developed countries with high connectivity rates. In countries like India, where Facebook has been offering its free Internet.org service to people who otherwise wouldn’t have Web access, net neutrality has come up in a new way. Facebook’s service only offers access to certain websites, so is this a blow to net neutrality? Mark Zuckerberg says no … but not as vehemently as he did last month.

In mid-April, Indian publishers started criticizing Internet.org for limiting the parts of the Internet that its users could access. At the time Zuckerberg was defensive. He wrote that:

“Some people have criticized the concept of zero-rating that allowsInternet.org to deliver free basic internet services, saying that offering some services for free goes against the spirit of net neutrality. I strongly disagree with this. … Net neutrality is not in conflict with working to get more people connected. These two principles—universal connectivity and net neutrality—can and must coexist”.

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