#dcx: Top 5 social media mistakes that can kill your brand

Long gone are the days when social media were the most underrated element of the marketing funnel. Even old-fashioned B2B companies now acknowledge the value of their presence on Facebook & Co.

The fact that everyone is online and social, however, doesn’t mean that brands have a better understanding of what makes a successful social strategy. Many still get it wrong, committing social media mistakes that might kill their company.

The reason behind the increasing interest in social networks is they have a huge potential for businesses looking to improve inbound marketing and increase their reach, traffic and leads. What started as a battle of likes, shares, retweets and pins (with undefined ROI measuring) has quickly evolved into a customer experience matter.

Actual figures even go beyond the wildest expectations analysts had just five years ago. According to Gartner, “global revenue from social media – composed of advertising, games and subscription revenue – will reach 29 billion dollars by 2015 up from 7 billion in 2010, increasing fourfold in five years.

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Source: Neosperience

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