#dcx: Here’s why digital customer experience in automotive is so relevant

Car manufacturers have understood the importance of delivering a personalized and consistent digital experience to customers across all touch devices and in the car.

A native digital customer experience that is more engaging and entertaining for users, regardless of the changing channels through which they interact and purchase.

Equally relevant is the capability to amp up sales efficiency – whether it’s offering recommendations for related products, setting real-time pricing, handing out perks.

We at Neosperience are addressing this challenge via a set of Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, and HTML5 pre-built modules, which render a consistent experience across the different smartphone, tablet and smart TV form factors, delivering customer engagement before the purchase and after, whether drivers are digitally engaged at home, at work, in-store or in-car.

By focusing on connected vehicle innovation, we aim at speeding-up the industry evolution from a product to a customer experience-centric value proposition, turning automotive players into technology leaders.

Thanks to this effort, automotive players will be able to create and access cloud computing resources, data sources and real-time analytics, leveraging sophisticated data – both vehicle and customer-related – to turn big data into big insights for use by third-parties and governments (e.g., traffic infrastructure utilization data), paving the way towards a future leadership in self-driving vehicle offerings.

Neosperience for CarPlay and Android Auto will allow people to use all digital customer experience functionality without actually touching the device. You can jump start by supporting the emerging behavior of vehicle owners in purchasing songs, audio books or movies from within their vehicles, to evolve the vision of self-aware vehicles as the foundation for improving safety and road utilization, optimizing traffic flow, managing drivers’ cognitive load.

Source: Neosperience

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