#dcx: How Google mobile friendly algorithm changes your digital marketing

Can you count how many times Google has changed the search engine algorithm in the last years? Hard to tell: usually they are small updates that only affect the daily routine of SEO experts and webmasters. Once in a while, however, we face a major change with a huge impact on rankings and results pages.

That’s what will happen with the Google mobile friendly algorithm, listed to be released on April 21th, destined to change the way you plan your digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketers already know how the acronym SERP (search engine results page) can influence an entire branding effort: in the Internet era, your online presence is critical to manage the overall strategy of your company. Even more so now that inbound marketing is rapidly becoming the best choice to attract and convert empowered customers.

Fact is: if your brand doesn’t show up in the first pages when customers search for the keywords connected to your business, it’s like you don’t even exist for them. In hyper-competitive environments, digital transformation can only be achieved through constant optimization, the key to stay top of mind and be sure they find you when customers are looking for solutions or – even better – are ready to convert.

Any evolution of the algorithm is awaited with anxiety, because it is probably going to mark a significant change in how users experience the customer journey you have so hardly built. After all, we’re talking about a company that dominates the search market with a huge 75% total share. The so-called Google mobile friendly algorithm is expected to have a higher impact than Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

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Source: Neosperience

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