#dcx: 4 rules of mobile engagement for the age of the customer

Since the dawn of time, engagement is probably the hardest step in the inbound marketing funnel; surely the most intriguing and challenging for companies. Before even thinking about conversion, you need to connect and engage with customers, a transition you should never take for granted. Even more so in an age defined by disruptive technologies. As the scenario changes, so do marketing strategy and digital customer experience. What are the rules of mobile engagement in the Age of the Customer?

The ability to adapt to evolution is prerequisite: mobile technology is not just one of many trends crossing our way and passing by. It is, in fact, the most important event in recent history, as it is reshaping not only the lives of billions around the world, but also the connection people have with brands and products. We are not talking about the future, we are describing the present. Companies don’t own the power to dictate the communication agenda anymore: the balance is tilted towards the customer, the real core of every digital marketing strategy.

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Source: Neosperience

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