Cybercrime threats: how to protect your business

Hardly a week goes by without a report of another alarming cybercrime. Successful attacks against giant corporations and government agencies may get all the headlines, but small and medium-sized businesses are not immune. In fact, they often make particularly attractive targets because they tend to have smaller security budgets than larger companies, and cybersecurity is not part of their core business, says Andy Woods, direct of commercial cybersecurity at BAE Systems, Intelligence & Security.

SMB owners need to recognize that it isn’t just the large primes that are being targeted,” Woods says. “Our adversaries recognize that, in most cases, large businesses have dedicated resources for cybersecurity, making them much harder and more complicated targets. The first step for SMBs is to make their security a core element of their business in order to protect their (networks).”

Brian Burch, vice president of product marketing at Norton, says his company is “crisscrossing the country, educating small business owners about common targeted attacks.” Chief among them are:

  • Spear-phishing, an email spoofing fraud that targets a specific organization and is one of the most lethal and cunning ways to compromise a small business. SMBs accounted for 30 percent of all spear-phishing attacks in 2013, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report.

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Source: INC

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