iOCTA: Cybercrime, a new criminal business model

The 2014 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA) report highlights that a service-based criminal industry is developing to the point where an increasing number of those operating in the virtual underground – or darknet – are starting to make products and services for use by other criminals.

This ‘crime-as-a-service’ business model is now being seen in the cyber world, as EC3 investigators noted to SCMagazineUK.com last month, and it’s a result of this that the report suggests that the barriers to entry in cybercrime are being lowered to the extent that even those without technical skills can get involved.

For example, the executive summary highlights how ‘mafia-style’ gangs will look to venture into the market in order to buy up the relevant skills and tools.

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Source: SC Magazine

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