The connected consumer survey 2015: Asia-Pacific

Operators should consider extending connectivity plans, exerting control over the device ecosystem, working with OTT players and offering new services.

Mobile operators in Asia–Pacific (APAC) face challenges such as fragmenting customer demand, value shifting towards handsets, a decline in traditional service revenue and increasing over-the-top (OTT) service substitution. This report focuses on aspects of Analysys Mason‘s annual Connected Consumer Survey that relate to the behaviour, preferences and plans of OTT communication app users in three countries in Asia–Pacific. We cover a diverse set of trends, including: customer retention, use of OTT communication services, and consumer attitudes towards digital economy services, such as mobile money and healthcare.

This report answers the following key questions about the mobile market in APAC.

  • How can mobile operators improve customer retention?
  • What are the drivers of churn?
  • What attracts customers to an operator?
  • What do device sales mean to operators?
  • How can operators address OTT challenges?
  • What is the opportunity that operators have with mobile money and healthcare services?


The research was conducted in July and August 2014. The survey groups in Europe and the USA were chosen to be demographically representative of the broader online consumer population, and those in Africa, Asia and the Middle East were chosen to be representative of the mobile-Internet-using population. We set quotas on age, gender and employment status to that effect. There were a minimum of 1000 respondents per country, and 22 174 respondents.

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Source: Analysys Mason

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