Cisco unveils its IoT system

Cisco has announced its new IoT System, which it says addresses the complexity of digitisation around the Internet of Things with an infrastructure that is designed to manage large scale systems of diverse endpoints and platforms, and the vast amounts of data they create. Interestingly, it’s not an IoE system, which suggests that just maybe Cisco is phasing out its insistence on using the term Internet of Everything. Maybe.

The Cisco IoT System comprises six technology elements, or pillars as the company calls them, that are designed to be combined together into a single architecture. These elements, which were jointly defined by Cisco and its partner Intel, are:

  • Network Connectivity
  • Fog Computing – a distributed computing infrastructure for the IoT
  • Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Management and Automation
  • Application Enablement Platform – a set of APIs for industries and cities, ecosystem partners and third-party vendors

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Source: Telecom TV

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