ChinaEU deepens its agreement with CIDF

Monday, July 6, saw the very first visit to Brussels of Minister Lu Wei, Head of the Cyberspace Administration of China. The Minister witnessed the signature of a letter of intent between ChinaEU and China Internet Development Foundation (CIDF), the highest-level Chinese public-raising foundation to promote International Internet communication, Internet security and informatization cooperation. Only one week from there, on July 13, ChinaEU is in Beijing to deepen the agreement with its counterpart.

ChinaEU and CIDF are aligned on two major common goals:

1. Facilitating the access of Chinese ICT companies in Europe and, vice-versa, support European companies to navigate China’s fast growing ICT market;

2. Provide a review of the current EU and Chinese policies and regulations affecting businesses operating in both environments.

To this end, the two sides decided to bring forward four operational steps as a foundation of the future activities:
  1. Establishment of physical offices in Beijing and in Brussels, with mixed personnel from ChinaEU and CIDF working side by side;
  2. Organization of high level China-EU Digital Summits and Internet Expos, to be held once a year, alternatively in China and in Europe, bringing together the most influential players from the political, regulatory and business spheres;
  3. Establishment of a China-EU Internet research center, with an online database of all most relevant Internet-related rules, regulations, events, technological solutions, etc.
  4. Establishment of a China-EU joint digital investment platform, which would provide funding for Chinese and European companies interested in bringing forward advanced digital projects in Europe and in China.
The official meeting was followed by a visit to the CITIC Guo’an Grand Epoch City, a luxury resort and convention center located around 60 km from Beijing downtown. Luigi Gambardella, President of ChinaEU, launched the idea of turning the gigantic resort into the first Chinese Internet City –the number one technological campus worldwide and a living showroom of all the next generation high technologies. The idea was warmly welcomed by Li Shilin, Vice Chairman of CIDF, who is now also formally part of ChinaEU, under the title of Vice President.ChinaEU’s visit to Beijing concluded with one-to-one meetings with Dr Peng Telecom & Media Group, Xiaomi, Qihoo 360, Cheetah Mobile, Digital China and Baidu.
ChinaEU is a business-led International Association aimed at intensifying joint research and business cooperation and mutual investments in Internet, Telecom and Hi-tech between China and Europe. ChinaEU provides a platform for constructive dialogue among industry leaders and top-level representatives of European Institutions and the Chinese Government. 
Source: ChinaEU
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