China to launch hack-proof quantum communication network

China will put into service the world’s longest hack-proof quantum communication network stretching 2,000 km from Beijing to Shanghai by 2016, scientists have said.

The quantum network is considered “unhackable” and will provide the most secure encryption technology to users.

US whisleblower Edward Snowden’s disclosure last year that America was targeting “network backbones”, through which huge amounts of data are transmitted, convinced Chinese leaders that developing the next generation of internet infrastructure was a priority. Any attempt to intercept the encryption key would alter the physical status of the quantum data, or qubits, and trigger an alert to the communicators, it said.

“China’s quantum information science and technology is developing very fast and China leads in some areas in this field,” Pan Jianwei, a Chinese quantum scientist and professor at the University of Science and Technology of China told state-run Xinhua news agency.

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Source: The Economic Times

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