CES 2015: Future of technology unveiled in Vegas

Robots, drones, devices that read your brainwaves, and devices that 3-D print entire cookies.

Think of those – as huge as they are is – as just a tiny appetizer preparing the tech world for a week’s worth of the biggest gadget feast you can possibly imagine.

This is CES Unveiled, a preview of the giant Consumer Electronics Show. It was here Sunday that we started to see what the big, cutting-edge trends will be in the coming year.

The “connected home” is a big buzz word — or, rather, buzz phrase — this year, giving everything in your house more functionality and giving you the ability to control that functionality through your mobile device, like a line of Snap light bulbs from Sengled. Just screw them in and they can double as a speaker, or extend your Wi-Fi signal. One even has a built-in camera.

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Source: Time Warner Cable News

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