Broadband opportunity Council report and recommendations

“Access to high-speed broadband is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for American families, businesses, and consumers. Affordable, reliable access to high-speed broadband is critical to U.S. economic growth and competitiveness. High-speed broadband enables Americans to use the Internet in new ways, expands access to health services and education, increases the productivity of businesses, and drives innovation throughout the digital ecosystem.” – President Barack Obama

The United States continues to experience unprecedented growth and innovation in broadband and in the advanced applications and services it enables. While the benefits of increased broadband access and adoption are widespread, barriers like income and geography keep many Americans from taking advantage of the economic, educational and social benefits of broadband access. To make sure that the Federal government does everything within its power to support broadband deployment and adoption, on March 23, 2015, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum (Memorandum) “Expanding Broadband Deployment and Adoption by Addressing Regulatory Barriers and Encouraging Investment and Training.”

The Memorandum created the Broadband Opportunity Council (Council) and tasked it to produce specific recommendations to increase broadband deployment, competition and adoption through executive actions within the scope of existing Agency programs, missions and budgets. This Report responds to that directive.

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Source: The White House

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