Belgium and Facebook on the ring


The war of words between Facebook and the Belgian data protection agency continues, after the latter issued a hard hitting statement about the social network’s privacy controls.

The watchdog alleged that Facebook is trampling on European privacy laws by tracking people online without their consent and dodging questions from national regulators.

The demand comes after damning privacy report last month commissioned by the Belgian Privacy Protection Commission (CPVP/CBPL). That report found that Facebook tracks the web browsing habits of everyone who visits its website, irrespective of whether they are Facebook users or not. It alleged that people are still tracked, even if they have explicitly opted out of tracking.

Facebook hit back at that report at the time, saying it was “wrong multiple times.”

But now the Belgian privacy watchdog has issued a new statement on the matter.And it slammed Facebook’s refusal to accept the authority of the Belgian watchdog. Facebook argues that as its European HQ is based in Ireland, it is only subject to the Irish data privacy laws.

“Facebook has shown itself particularly miserly in giving precise answers,” the Belgian watchdog complained. The watchdog said that the results of its investigation were “disconcerting” and that it would take legal action if its recommendations were not followed.

It also urged Internet users to install privacy software to shield themselves from Facebook’s tracking systems, whether they have an account with the social network or not.

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Source: Techweek Europe

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