The battle against cybercrime goes global

The director of the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) has warned that the battle against cybercrime is a global one, and international cooperation is required if individual nations are to reap the benefits of the digital economy.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum in London, Dr Jamie Saunders said Commonwealth countries, and others, needed to develop common procedures and approaches, with the international community only as strong as its weakest link.

Cybercrime is not just causing harm to citizens and businesses but threatens undermining consumer confidence in digital economy itself,” he said. “Countries that fail to grip CC problem are going to fail to grip the benefits of the digital economy.

“This is obviously a trans-national problem and we’re in this fight together. Gradually over the years, the components and mechanisms we need for international cooperation have been put in place. There’s still work to do but it’s beginning to take shape.”

Saunders said consistent definitions and processes were necessary, adding that Commonwealth common law was a good starting point but other conventions were necessary. He suggested that ministers present at the conference should reach out to their counterparts in other nations.

“It’s great if you’ve spoken to them, it’s even better if you’ve had a few beers with them,” he said.

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Source: Techweek Europe


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