Barcelona is world’s ‘smartest city’ in 2015

Barcelona has been named the world’s top global smart city in 2015, beating New York, London, Nice and Singapore, according to a report from Juniper. The analysis of each city’s smart capabilities, focusing above all on their use of smart grids, smart traffic management and smart street lighting, alongside aspects such as technological capability and social cohesion, revealed that Barcelona performed consistently well across all metrics. The report said Barcelona served as an exciting model of success from which others can learn, bolstered by strong environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Other top smart cities, such as New York and London, excel technological capability and a willingness to engage with citizens through open data, said Juniper, but they still need to implement more environmentally positive projects. According to the researcher, smart grid initiatives could save USD 10.7 billion annually by 2019, through a combination of reduced energy consumptions and emission reductions in smart cities. The reduced emissions are equivalent to those produced by the annual consumption of 130 million barrels of oil.

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Source: Telecompaper

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