Awareness and authentication will fight cybercrime

Last year, the global price tag of cybercrime reportedly reached $113 billion per year, with reparations per victim averaging around $300—that makes 378 million victims yearly, or a little over 1 million users a day.

Unfortunately, the future doesn’t look much brighter. Experian’s newest white paper reveals thatcompanies are attacked on average about 17,000 times a year. Clearly, no tool or solution can protect against all attacks, meaning it’s only inevitable that companies will be penetrated and user data will becompromised.

In addition to these alarming statistics, the stories of high-profile hacks and breaches flooding the news further help prove cybercrime’s growing severity is self-evident. At the same time, however, cybercrime is much more than a large retailer’s data being compromised. Cybercrime comes in many different shapes and sizes.

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Source: Tripwire

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