AT&T to FCC: special access services can find alternative ways

AT&T says that as the FCC looks to analyze the data it has collected in the special access proceeding, it will see that there are plenty of alternatives to incumbent players that CLECs can choose from to purchase wholesale circuits to extend their service into areas where they can’t reach today.

“The network data collected here no doubt will show that, where special access demand is concentrated, there exists an abundance of competitive alternatives to the incumbent provider,” wrote Frank Simone, assistant vice president of Federal Regulatory for AT&T, in a blog post. “And while the volume of nationwide facilities data collected will be sizable due to the highly competitive market for special access services, the information provided likely can be analyzed in a reasonable period of time.”

AT&T is hardly alone in its sentiment about wholesale choices. Fellow ILEC CenturyLink  wrote in a separate filing that CLECs have a number of alternative wholesale sources to extend services into off-net business locations they don’t reach today with their own facilities.

“CLECs continue to use multiple alternatives to ILEC broadband services to provide their own competing enterprise broadband services,” CenturyLink wrote. “They can deploy their own facilities, use a cable provider’s or other third party’s wholesale services, use TDM-based DS 1 and DS3 services or use copper loops purchased at TELRIC rates, as many CLECs have successfully done.”

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Source: Fierce Telecom

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