Atlantica Digital and MongoDB have signed a strategic partnership

Atlantica Digital and MongoDB have signed a strategic partnership with the aim of bringing together their respective technological skills and offering the market a solution capable of providing comprehensive and efficient support.

MongoDB is the leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build. Headquartered in New York, MongoDB has more than 24,800 customers in over 100 countries. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded over 155 million times and there have been more than one million MongoDB University registrations.

Atlantica Digital has been operating on the market for over 30 years in the Telco, Industry, Transport, Utilities and Public Administration sectors, designs and builds highly innovative software solutions and solid, scalable and secure IT infrastructures for a constantly evolving market. The company is a leader in ICT transformation, virtualization and consolidation projects, business continuity and disaster recovery.

The Partner Program set up by MongoDB creates a collaboration network between companies and offers privileged access to support services and training courses.

“Atlantica Digital was among the first Italian partners to recognize the value that the implementation of MongoDB technology could represent for our customers. This is why we have set up our own dedicated competence center to serve the Italian public and private market ”says Mauro Santini, Commercial Director of Atlantica Digital.

MongoDB has been voted the database most wanted by developers for the last four years, because it is: :

  • The best way to work with data
    •  Work with data in a natural and intuitive way through the power of the document model and a flexible schema design
  • Designed for developer productivity
    • Build modern apps faster with drivers, integrations and native tools to manipulate , visualize and analyze data
  • Built for optimal business performance
    • On-demand scaling, resource optimization tools and real-time insights drive database performance
  • Delivered as-a-service in the cloud
    • MongoDB Atlas is the multi-cloud database service for MongoDB available on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
    •  Best-in-class automation and built-in proven practices provide continuous availability, elastic scalability, and support with regulatory compliance

Atlantica Digital has created a specific MongoDB competence center able to offer services of:

– Specialist support

– Assessment

– Maintenance

– Licensing

– Training

– Design and implementation of projects

The services offered concern the solutions and they consist of:


Atlantica Digital offers multi-level (or multi-tier) MongoDB support services.


A specialized support on the MongoDB platform that is activated by the customer support levels (Control Room, GA …) when the latter have not been able to independently solve the problems encountered on MongoDB.


These services include all the activities necessary to engage the vendor’s specialist support, to collaborate with the vendor for the timely resolution of anomalies up to the accounting of all the actions carried out and the monitoring of service levels.


The proactive action includes periodic assessment services and the drafting of recovery plans for identified critical issues / optimizations.


Atlantica Digital develops projects and solutions based on MongoDB, supporting the customer from the initial stages of designing the analytical solution.


Atlantica Digital manages Subcriprition & Lifecycle Management services of MongoDB technology:

Cloud (MongoDB Atlas)

On-Premise (MongoDB locally)

Mobile & Edge (MongoDB Realm datastore)

Tools (Boost productivity).

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