Artificial Intelligence will drive innovation, development in 2017: from Ericsson Consumer Lab

Ericsson Consumer Lab has released an annual trend report titled “The 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2017 and beyond” in which it has stated some amazing facts about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be the next big thing for the 2017

Ericsson Consumer Lab in their annual trend report titled “The 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2017 and beyond” stated that 35 percent of advanced internet users want an AI advisor at their workplace and one in four would like AI as their manager. This is kind of amazing as we all know how fast Artificial Intelligence is moving towards being the next big thing but Ericsson thinks that it won’t take it long to reach that place, they state that AI will drive Innovation and Development in 2017 and will move forward towards being the future of the tech world.
In the report it was also stated that about half of the researched people were concerned about how many jobs would be lost if AI replaces men. The report further states that with an increase in IoT (Internet of Things) adoption, two in five future smartphones will learn their masters’ habits and perform activities on their behalf automatically, thus saving time.

Also, the reports digs in and says that one in four pedestrians would feel safer crossing a street if all cars were autonomous and 65 per cent of them would prefer to have an autonomous car rather than having the steering in their hands. The report adds, ”As autonomous cars become reality, car sickness issues will increase. Three in ten foresee needing sickness pills. One in three also wants motion sickness pills for use with virtual and augmented reality technology”.
The report also states that almost four out of five people think that VR technology would distinguish from reality in about three years.


Source: Intabloid

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