Apple in partnership with Moscow-based data center operator IXcellerate

U.S. tech giant Apple will store the personal data of its Russian users at a data center inside Russia to comply with a new law.

Apple has agreed a partnership with Moscow-based data center operator IXcellerate, which already has a contract with U.S. online hotel booking service Booking.com. As part of the Booking.com agreement, the passport details of the individual making the reservation will be stored, as well as the number of the bank card used to make the purchase.

The deal appears to achieve the localization of the personal data of Apple’s Russian users and will bring the firm in line with a Russian law obliging all companies supplying Internet services in Russia, or targeting Russian users, to store such data inside the country by Sept. 1 this year.

Apple held a tender for the data center contract in July.  Apple and IXcellerate declined to confirm the deal to Kommersant, and its value was also not revealed by the paper.

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Source: The Moscow Times

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