The advent of 5G will affect everything


The advent of 5G will affect everything — every industry, every service provider and every person on the planet.

That, in one line, is why we’re hosting Light Reading’s inaugural 5G event,Building America’s 5G Ecosystem, in New York this Tuesday, April 14.

If you’re serious about the future of mobility, and networking, you know that understanding next-generation technology, and service and revenue models, is important — that’s obvious.

But with 4G technology about to enter into its prime productive years, and with 5G some distance from actually existing, you’re probably asking yourself: Why does 5G matter to me? And why now?

Well, here are three HUGE reasons why:

1. New use-cases and the Industrial Internet
The mobile industry has had a great run — no question about it. Mobility has transformed how we access and consume online services and is now embedded in our everyday workflow. In fact, we may even be approaching “peak mobile.” Certainly, we’re past the point where mobile is disruptive to the networking sector.

If we look at how mobility and wireless can transform adjacent industries, however, it is clear we’re only at the beginning. Ordering a taxi on a mobile app might seem amazing, but really it isn’t. There is the potential to do so much more. Think ambient video, virtual reality, remote surgery, device-to-device communications, smart cities, self-driving cars, ultra-reliable public safety or hyper-scale sensor networks.

It is these Industrial Internet services that are driving the very diverse and extremely ambitious 5G technology requirements. This isn’t about your battered old iPhone.

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