6 ways to protect yourself from cybercrime

Crime is “going exponential,” said cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman, who has advised Interpol, the United Nations, NATO and the Los Angeles Police Department, among others. He spoke at the Exponential Finance conference in New York City on Wednesday, “You can scale, you can rob a lot more people.”

Among the myriad ways criminals can hack devices for their own ends, Goodman said that the massive 2013 data breach at mass-merchantTarget affected about 100 million people.

“We have never been able to steal 100 million of anything in the past,” he said.

Sixty percent of attacks on businesses hit small companies, Goodman said. And 70 percent of small businesses attacked fail within a few months. Business owners need to treat cybercrime not merely as a possible nuisance, but as an existential threat.

Attaining perfect security is nigh impossible, but there are a number of steps citizens and small-business owners can take to protect themselves. Goodman gave his top six suggestions for how businesses of every size should protect themselves.

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Source: CNBC

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