5G in factory, JMA contributes to Exor International private network in Verona

JMA partners with Tim for the first Italy-based project about a factory connected with a private 5G network.

One of Tim partners for the first Italy-based project about a factory connected with a private 5G network is JMA, the American company specialized in the development of Open RAN software and wireless solutions, with Italian R&D offices and production site in the Bologna area.

The project has been carried out in the factory of Exor International, a company headquartered in the province of Verona, active in the production of digital platforms for the industrial sector, and specialized in IoT solutions and edge computing.

A technological hub

Thanks to the newborn private 5G network, the technological hub will allow full control of data, and the possibility to ensure a significantly faster traffic, with extremely reduced latency.

The goal is to repeat Exor private network pilot model for all Tim business clients, starting from the 140 industrial districts of the Country.

Basically, it is all about a private network dedicated to businesses, which permits to optimize the processes related to Smart Factory 4.0 and benefit from the best 5G solutions. A local core network optimizing both latency and response times. The company can also couple the network with MEC (Mobile Edge Computing), extracting the required data from the core network, such as machines response times, maintenance frequency or other strategic data to optimize production.

The millimeter-wave Smart Factory 4.0 project

In partnership with Tim, JMA has focused on the realization of a 27 GHz millimeter-wave 4G and 5G coverage system for the factory – a project included in the “Industria 4.0” testings, launched by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) back in 2019. Actually, thanks to JMA wireless technology, all the machines in the factory can “talk” to one another by means of the CPE connected to the private network, which are, in turn, connected to the industrial machines. Only corporate devices (CPE, smartphones, machines) can access the network. Thus, the corporate core network is on premise. The traffic does not pass through Tim network, instead, it remains within the industrial area, with undeniable advantages in terms of latency, security and protection of company data.

The pros of Manufacturing 4.0

What is striking about industrial private networks is that they create a high-speed, low-latency network thanks to 5G, ensuring excellent performance and maximum data security. Only corporate devices are connected to the network, with data not leaving the private network, but remaining within the company.

It is the factory, seen as production area, which benefits most from 5G: production departments, robots, industrial machines and all sensors, devices and technologies in the company are all on the net.

The data gathered will then be used to optimize production processes.

Exor International core network and that of any corporate client wishing to adopt such a system always remains within the industrial area.

Private 5G networks for SMEs

The benefits of a private 5G network are not only for large-sized companies. Conversely, also SMEs can take advantage of this kind of high-performance private networks.  

Exor International smart factory also includes a 5G laboratory, open to testings by other companies.    

This is just the first in a series of new private 5G network projects that JMA is working on, active as it is in this field. New communications will follow soon.

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