3 ‘not to miss’ tech trends in 2014

Technology trends are ever-evolving, and 2015 will undoubtedly be filled with cutting-edge innovations, standout entrepreneurs and industry disruption. Often, a review of the preceding year can provide glimpses of what the new one may bring. Looking back at 2014, three big trends stand out:

User experience design is changing business models. There’s no question that a customer’s digital experience with a particular brand directly impacts the brand’s success. Regardless of the medium, user experience or UX must be prioritized in terms of overall business strategy, especially as the demand for personalized content and connected device usage grows. Successful startups are now taking a proactive approach by incorporating holistic digital experience strategies from inception (instead of building this in later, which would leave them behind the curve among rivals). UX designers have seen a dramatic uptick in demand; tech giants like IBM, which invested $100 million into UX design this year, are better understanding the importance of leading with UX to remain relevant and competitive as they work to keep up with new players in the field. Startups like Warby Parker and Frank & Oak are proving the UX value proposition as they all leverage streamlined user experiences that also emphasize customer feedback and support.

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Source: USNews

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