Italy – Filmsenzalimiti: website’s administrator condamned to 8 months of imprisonment

Rome, 20 April 2017- The criminal court of Viterbo declared the admin of the popular pirate website “” guilty of a piracy and inflicted to the same eight months imprisonment sentence and € 1,720 fine for the violation of article 171-ter, n. 2 lett. a-bis) of Law 633/1941.

The judge also ordered the administrator to pay FAPAV (the Italian Audiovisual Content Protection Organization) the damages in the measure to be defined by the civil court, in addition to the legal fees (€ 2,000, plus VAT, CPA and overheads).

The “” site had been seized in 2013 by the Fiscal Police of Arezzo. At the time it was the most popular portal in Italy for the illicit streaming of over 3.000 movies and TV series.

This is one of the most significant convinctions ever obtained in Italy for those who illegally distribute audiovisual content on the web,” said Federico Bagnoli Rossi, Secretary General of FAPAV – “This ruling, in its clarity, leaves no chances for interpretation and reiterates again the severity of audiovisual piracy as a crime“.

In the recent weeks in Italy the media have talked a lot about the presumed legality of the pirate sites and the recent ruling on” “confirms the absolute centrality of the” follow the money “approach to the fight against criminal online activities, underlining the enormous economic damage that piracy causes to the audiovisual industry “concluded the Secretary General of the Federation.


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