Global piracy sees 1.6 percent rise in 2017

Global piracy rose by 1.6 percent, in 2017, with a total of 300.2 billion visits to piracy sites over the year, according to a report by MUSO.

The report suggested that piracy occurred across TV, music, and film, with TV revealed as the most regularly consumed pirated content, (106.9 billion visits), followed by music (73.9 billion visits) and film (53.2 billion visits).

The data showed that visits to piracy sites for television content were up 3.4 percent globally from 2016. The majority of these visits were from streaming sites, which accounted for 96.1 percent of visits.

In constast, the use of piracy sites to access films decreased by 2.3 percent in 2017. Users predominantly relied on web-streaming sites to access content, with 32.4 billion visits being streamed from the web.

Access to piracy websites for music surged to 73.9 billion visits in 2017—a 14.7 percent increase from 2016.



Source: IpproTheInternet

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